5 Best Practices to Groom Your Leaders

Follow Bottom to Top Leadership – This will be the right kind of ecosystem for letting the leaders grow. Every solution should flow from bottom to top. Keep your ears open for anything flowing upstream. Solutions should come from the person facing the problem and your role should be only setting it in the correct direction. This will encourage them to take a problem solving approach. Encourage if anyone comes with solutions.

Do not Micromanage – This is the key, if you are not micromanaging your people you are seeding the leaders. Side effect of micromanaging is that it ceases the thought process of the owner of the job and he tend to work only as much as required to keep him comfortable. If you don’t allow space and independence, a sense of dissatisfaction and lethargy will soon overcome the pro activeness and motivation.

Encourage Risk Taking – Fear of risk is one of the biggest hurdle for development of decision making thought process so let your people take balanced risks, every failure will be a learning for them and every success will increase their confidence. Although we can can’t fix the intensity of risk that can be allowed but as a guide you can decide the trade-off between learning and loss involved with a risk. This also develops a sense of ownership, which is one of the main traits of a great leader.

You are NOT the most Genius Brain on the Earth – We as a human has tendency to expect the same level of competency and have a feeling that we are best at what we do, but sometimes giving a chance to others works very well. Trust your people. Even if they fail, trust them again but make them evaluate their failure and learn from mistake. Let them implement their ideas, encourage them to take the full ownership and help them to make decisions. You just have to make sure that they don’t cross the thin line between confidence and over-confidence.

Do not Hesitate to Give a Feedback – Reinforcement is very critical in shaping the leaders, be it positive or negative.  Rewards and corrective feedback should be given time to time. One should know when to loosen and when to hold back. Be blunt and clear. Sometimes we tend to be ignorant for various reasons but this can be fatal. Remember the thumb rule, reward in public but criticise in private.


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