SEO is the process to rank your website in the unpaid search engine results naturally or organically based on content quality, credibility and relevance of your site for a targeted keyword. The Objective of SEO is to rank on the top positions of an unpaid search result with help of technical and qualitative efforts to make your website visible to the user searching for your targeted keyword. It is process of earning the search engine position. It helps building an authority of a website over the period of time.

PPC is a process of paying for the sponsored space in a search engine result for a targeted keyword. As the name suggest, you have to pay for the click or impression of your ad appearing on your targeted keyword or placements. It gives you a quick ROI and a faster reach to your targeted customers.

Gestation Period

SEO takes time. It requires lot of patience & efforts for the website to appear in the listing and rank higher in search results. The gestation period is long but it helps in longer run and it pays back with time.

PPC is a quick result mechanism, you pay and you appear. It get you quick results hence let you experiment, explore and measure quickly.


SEO is a cheaper option to go with. It is ideal for the businesses where marketing budget is a constraint.

PPC ideally requires a minimum threshold budget under which it will be a waste of time and money.

Credibility and Trust

SEO results are more trusted and credible. Users are becoming more aware of the difference between paid and organic results. 85% of the clicks on search engine results are on the organic listings.

PPC is a sponsored programme hence user show less trust, so you have to be very relevant and specific to the keyword but the good thing is that searcher coming from PPC are more likely to buy than SEO.

Scalability and Measurement of ROI

PPC offer far better scalability and measurement of ROI than SEO. You can get immediate results in PPC which gives it edge for testing, exploring and figuring out a strategy for your marketing. It also helps in finding out the right set of keywords for SEO optimization.

PPC is ideal for businesses where product upgrades, version upgrades are frequent as you can immediately push them in the market and measure the results.


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