How to Check Quality Score in Google AdWords

Google AdWords have Quality Score as independent matrix on keyword level showing value for three of its main components i.e. Ad Relevance, Landing Page relevance, Expected CTR. Although the Value shown is not numeric but still indicative enough to give us an idea to figure out the improvement areas. The values are given as Above average, Average & Below Average.

To check the Quality Score of a keyword, there are two methods:-

  1. Select the Keyword tab on campaign/Ad group level and hover on the bubble icon


  1. Select the Keyword tab on campaign/Ad group level -> go to Columns -> modify columns-> Quality Score


It gives you eight columns to add to your dashboard i.e. the current Quality Score and its components and historical Quality Score and historic value of its components.

Once the columns are added, we can further segment the columns by time


This segmentation will help us to track down our optimisation performance for Quality score and its components for days, weeks and months depending upon the time range we select.



In a nutshell, it is very good matrix to diagnose the improvement areas to improve the overall quality score and changes done can be tracked down for upward or downward trends with the detailed reporting.

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