On a short business trip to a nearby town by bus, I came across an impatient traveller. A perfect replica of many of us, who are impatient not genetically but have become so by the routine and pressure we go through. He paid for the ticket and was expecting the conductor to return his balance but like most of the other days the conductor wrote the amount on ticket and walked away to the other passengers. During the next 10- 15 min this man kept on asking the conductor about the balance and he kept on telling him to wait. Generally, in India, you should be worried about your balance only when you are about to get down from the bus, else wait for the conductor to follow his own course.

The conductor finished the ticketing and settled next to me on a vacant seat. He started settling his ticket log in digital ticketing machine and I could see him struggling with the technology as he was recalculating & reprinting, recalculating & reprinting & so on.

The man interrupted the conductor in middle of his struggle and asked for balance, this time he really got annoyed and they fell into a small altercation.

The impatience of that man also got me bit concerned and I was wondering why he was behaving so irrationally. I was wondering if the irrationality was due to insecurity, upbringing, arrogance, ego or complex.

Once they both got settled, the conductor started conversation with me as nothing has happened and mentioned that he has developed a patience to such rude behaviors as he encounter it with every third passenger he meets. If he sleep with this kind of fuss in back of his head, he may not come for job the other day. I was impressed with him and at the same time bit embarrassed as I could see myself in place of that impatient passenger.

In a way he adapted himself to the situation and behaviour around him. He adapted to the patience, control and calmness.  Adaption is a biological and psychological process and is passed on to the generations ahead. I was wondering what that fellow passenger or most of us are adapting to and what will be passed on to our kids and generation ahead.


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