Every dog has its Day

I am a sort of corporate back packer, my luggage comprises of two bags, the primary bag holds the clothes & other routine stuff and the second, the secondary, small one, is used for shoes and Slipper’s. The second bag has always been given low priority in term of handling and care, probably because of the stuff it holds.

On one fine day, I was supposed to shift my luggage from one place to another, I boarded the cab but the luggage space was fully occupied, hence I thought of settling both the bags under my seat. Unfortunately the seating was such that I could only push my primary Luggage under the seat, and the secondary bag , being small in size, landed up in my lap, although I direly wished the vice versa. I was wondering, how sometimes, the circumstances changes the status by sidelining the value. I kept on staring the bag with a grim look, but eventually it gave me a chance to think about it. I suddenly realised that how we value a thing or a person by the value we perceive but not by the value it actually serves. In this small ecosystem of my luggage, I found a perfect replica of our social architecture, the people doing the most odd and important jobs are at the bottom of the pyramid of social importance.

But circumstances or more precisely time is the only variable in the universe which can change the value proposition of anything.



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