How to get that extra mile from your people

Know your people well

This is the first and foremost mantra, Understand who work for you, know them in detail, their strengths, their weakness, their dreams, their visions, their problems, their happiness. Every single detail is important to connect with them. It needs time, trust and observation so be patient. Connecting with your people and knowing them will be of great value in deciding their role, assignments, road-map and growth path. It will usher you through the areas, as a manager, you will need to focus to bring best out of an individual.

Tell them why they matter

Everyone in an organisation has an important role to play. Every single task contributes to the overall growth of the institution. Tell your people how they are contributing and why their job is important. Why and how much the task they are doing matter. This elevates the self-esteem and make them love their job. This feeds in the necessary enthusiasm and turns the task into passion.

Involve them emotionally

It is a proven fact that emotional connect overpowers rationality. Make your people committed to work emotionally rather than by any financial incentives. Connecting people emotionally to work will only happen if they love their work. Provide them great work environment, healthy competition, flexibility, empowerment, training and work life balance. Encourage ethics and honesty.

Engage positive pressure

We experience two types of pressure, one out of fear and the second out of commitment. I always endorse the pressure out of commitment, this pulls out the best out of a person’s ability and creativity. Points 1 to 3 will make your people to volunteer to take the pressure as they feel involved in the task.

Recognise their efforts

Recognise the efforts, honour the commitment, it catalysis the involvement and help people to realise the self accomplishment. A small pat on the back or two words of praise can create the magic sometimes.


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