How & Why

question-2415069_1920These two words are very powerful indicators of curiosity and full of exploration. Most of the time we tend to avoid them as they fatigue our brain and requires extra efforts. But if used at right time and right place they can grow our capabilities and knowledge exponentially.

  1. How & Why approach helped me to resolve many problems permanently. I always use them as tools to reach the root cause of the problem. This approach also helps you to evaluate and analyse the solutions proposed by others and identify any superficial or temporary solution. I bet, if you spend a small time digging up the answers to these words initially, you will end up saving lot of valuable time and resources at the later stage.
  2. How & Why approach helped me to improve many ideas and experiments. Before putting any idea or experiment to test, it is better to put it under the microscope of how and why. It will give some initial polishing and will take it closer to success. Many obvious or basic anomalies can be removed during this how and why brainstorming and can help more appropriate execution of the idea or experiment.
  3. How & Why approach helped me to increase the breadth of my knowledge. Looking each and everything through how and why kaleidoscope will always keep your curiosity alive. It gives you more logical and scientific approach to look at things and increase your knowledge immensely. Everything is correlated in this world, so understanding one thing thoroughly can help you to grasp the other thing quickly. Many a times in my career, to solve a problem or situation in one process I have applied the knowledge gained from the most contrasted processes.
  4. Helps to groom the team. If you handle a team, how and why approach can give you a good platform to brainstorm each and every implementation, project and update. This helps to thoroughly postmortem the subject and discuss the implementations and limitations as per your business model and strategy. This collective brainstorming and inclusive approach can immensely help in grooming the team by developing their analytical capability. It also helps in collective learning and can save a great amount of time and money by working as a catalyst in increasing the productivity of the team.

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